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Music these day is all about ass and boobs, If adults mindset can be change by listening to songs, then why can’t kids? And because of that it is really important for adults to take a good care for what type of music that their kids listen to. Thankfully Spotify has the answer. Spotify finally launched a more kids friendly apps called “Spotify kids” that’s meant to be safe for kids to explore and listen to music.

The app which has launches today in Ireland includes more than 6000 tracks that had been overview by the editor at spotify. Where parents can set up the Spotify Kids in 2 mode, Younger Kids mode Where Things like Disney Soundtracks, ABC Songs, and Animals songs can be found on this apps and Older Kids mode where songs like Taylor Swift, Ariana Grande, and Bruno Mars will come out.

Spotify also promises that the editor will work hard on seeing whether one song contain a foul language or not. Making sure that parents won’t need to be worried about their child listening to guns, drugs and violence in the song. The app requires the parents to buy Spotify Premium Family Subscription that cost around $14.99 per month in US.

The app currently is still released on Ireland, but we can expect a global release soon. Spotify Kids is available on both iOS and Android, with a whole new colorful look and theme that suits the kids taste. If you are a parents and wanting your kids to listen to a more safe subtle kids song, then this apps is a must downloaded app for every parents!

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