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If you didn’t know yet, Mobile legends had just release their newest patch on Mobile legends advance server, and the official 2.0 UI is implemented in the update. Which means that player will be able to get the 2.0 on the Original server soon after the next big update! Note : Although you can download the 2.0 UI, it is not the official one, and because of that some player is afraid to download the apk and try the new 2.0 UI. If you are interested you can download it now, in the article : Here!

source : Hororo chan 

You can see on the image above, that the version is much more smoother, and much more sleek. The design is much more neater, while still keeping the original design on the game. The dev also said that the update of 2.0 will increase the performance of your game to 60% from the original version thanks to the Unity engine that is implemented in the 2.0.

source : Hororo chan

So, thankfully the game is really growing to the better. Personally as an old player, it is nice to see that the game finally had some better improvement. The design is good, more hero, and many more content will be deliver soon by moonton the developer. Anyways, what do you think about the new UI design? Do you like it? Or do you guys hate it?

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