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Moonton seems to be really trying hard to increase the popularity of the old heroes. Wherein the recent patch updates, there are a lot of old unpopular heroes that get a good revamp like Gatot Kaca, Alucard, Layla, and many more.

Now, we haven’t really checked into a lot of other revamp in Mobile Legends, but Miya is going to be really OP in the next update. Because Moonton decided to gives her another buff after the revamp.


Her revamp already made her so OP, because she is able to deal twice the damage, and immobilize her enemies by using her second skills ability. And this ability is going to get an extra buff that will increase her damage more than before.

The range of this ability will also be increased, and it is easier to hit the enemies in the center. Apparently, there is also a slow effect that is going to be implemented if the enemy heroes aren’t affected by the immobilized effect, and you can still activate it in the end if you hit them 8 times in the limited time.

If you are interested in the update, Miya revamp will probably come to the original server at max 19 June. Because it is the next big update for the next hero Yu Zhong that is going to dominate the fight!

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