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Game is a great source of entertainment, either you play it online and offline. Some of you might even like to play offline games because of your internet connection is so laggy.

So, if you are searching for a good offline android games then you come into the right place because today we will give you some of the best offline android games to play in 2020!

1. Strange World – Offline Survival RTS Game (Early Access)



Embark on a thrilling adventure in Strange World as you uncover the mystery behind an extinction-level event that was lost to time. The strange world is an RTS (Real-time strategy) game where you will meet the hostile world in your screen.

You can control up to 4 different characters in combat and survival and survive over 30 unique stages to uncover the truth behind the strange world. Although the game is still on early access there are many features that can be explored, and it is probably one of the best offline RTS games right now!

2. Citampi Stories



Citampi stories is probably one of the best simulation game for those that like Harvest moon type of games but want a little more towny to feel to it.

Well, Citampi is your choice. It is one of the best simulation game where you start from below, and work your way to the top. Your parents are in debt, and you have only 10 weeks to pay it off!

If it fails, then you must marry the awful-looking loan shark’s daughter. Ugh! The only way out is to travel to the city of Citampi, find work there, and send the money to your parents. While doing so, you will build connection, relation and of course, your wife in the game.

3. Last Hope Sniper – Zombie War: Shooting Games FPS



Get ready for one of the best fps sniper shooting games on mobile! Download this offline and free zombie sniper war game now! Time to gear up and enter the apocalypse wasteland world of Last Hope. Zombies, raiders, and vicious deadly enemies roam the wasteland throughout the world.

Rescue survivors and kill to stay alive, only you can save the world in this story-driven first-person shooter game. You and your arsenal of sniper rifles, assault rifles, handguns, and a whole lot of epic skills, including grenades and rocket launchers, is what stands between the last survivors and a full-blown pandemic zombie virus outbreak.

4. Vlogger Go Viral



The next big-time digital influencer and viral web celebrity can be you! Start your own vlogging channel, win tons of loyal followers and subscribers (fancy award plaques included!). Make videos with cute pet mascots and get millions of views, and react to your fandom’s passionate reactions to keep them engaged to your viral content!

Stop looking for get famous games, because you’ve just found the hottest one! Pick and rock the most fashionable looks to make a lit impression in every single video and customize your bedroom studio with increasingly awesome equipment as get more and more internet famous!

5. Anima



The RPG you’ve always been waiting for has finally arrived on Android devices! Anima is an action RPG (hack’n slash) video game inspired by the greatest old school games and made with passion by RPG lovers for RPG lovers, and released in 2019.

Anima, compared to other mobile ARPG, is highly dynamic and leaves the player the chance to fully customize its character, based on their play style, preserving the charming style of the old classics. It is basically diablo but with better graphic, effect, and overall game play experience.

6. Paradise Island 2: Hotel Game



The sequel to the legendary game that captured the hearts and minds of over 100 million players is here! “Paradise Island 2” is a game for everyone who loves the sun, the sea, and the sand!

Tear yourself away from work and build your own resort on a sunny island and become the ultimate hotel mogul! Don’t you think it’s time to start your own business?

7. Throne



Hey brave warrior! Here in the North, we faced hordes of an unknown EVIL. We got the wall in the past but somehow they manage to destroy it. They walk on your roads and they want to conquer your villages and cities to finally conquer the THRONE.

Don’t’ let them do that! The tactical game contains both tower defense games’ elements along with the collectible cards based on comics. If you are a fan of tower defense and real-time strategy game genre you will love it.

If you have any other game recommendation that you want to share, you could do so by commenting on the link below. Thank you for reading this article, have a nice day!

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