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Nowadays, there are too many OP heroes in Mobile Legends. Sometimes, the update that Moonton had given is too much! Thankfully, there is a ban system that can be used to restrict those OP heroes from being picked by other users.

If you are new to Mobile Legends Mythic ranked and want to know what is the current banned Heroes, then you should see this list (Mobile Legends Mythic Ranked Late Season 16). Check it out!

1. Helcurt

One of the most banned heroes because people just recently know how frightening his ultimate and burst abilities are. His skills rendered most skill-based ability heroes useless and Marksman users unable to attack. With Petrify spells, his opponents will just be one hit kill and die easily. The worst part is that, he has the ability to run away easily. One of the must banned heroes in Mobile Legends!

2. Kaja

Because of his ultimate Fix, Kaja has become a frightening monster. His ultimate previously can be canceled with Purify, however, after the suppression fix by Moonton, Kaja is becoming one of the worst hero to deal with.

He is a really good support that can help teams in the early game. If you are ganked by his Flicker > Ultimate > Second skill combo, you will die for sure. In the early game a good Kaja will only target marksman, make them feed, unable to farm, and then win in the late game with a more fed marksman in their team. Which is why people banned this OP hero.

3. Hanzo

If you have seen the top global Hanzo after the revamp, then you will know why we banned him. He is so annoying to deal with, his attack power not only hurt like hell, but can also target anything in a huge range. The worst part is that, with golden staff and demon hunter, he can deal massive damage to the area.

Even if you kill his ghost, he is still safe from the back line. It is safer to just banned him rather than trying to find him every time he ult.

4. Natalia

Worst burst damage hero that can be so annoying. She is one heck of an enemy to deal with even in the early game. She has damage, but the worst part of this hero, if you find her as your enemy, is that, you can’t farm with ease.

Every time you go out, you had this feeling that if there is an exclamation mark around you, then you are dead. There is also a problem with her damage that is so OP and her ultimate that can help her deal burst damage twice to kill any enemy that she encounters. Needless to say, she is enemy to all marksman and mage, and she must be banned!

5. Claude

One of the most OP marksman even after the nerf of his core item. His damage is too much in the late game, not only that, he is one of the fastest hero that can farm any lane easily. With that combination, he can get fat faster, be so OP even in the first 7 minutes of the game, and kill any enemies before anyone.

6. Selena

The reason is that, if you are hit with her stun, you are guaranteed to be dead, especially if you don’t have purify as your spell. Even If you do have purify, there is no guarantee that you can survive her second hit. A good Selena, not only can support her team with stuns but can also kill any enemies and run with her combos.

There are also her traps which can be used as a ward anytime she wants to, and open up a map without needing to sacrifice her tanks. She is very versatile and is one of the worst heroes to deal with!

Of course, most of the heroes banned can be conditional and depending on the heroes that you want to use, you might want to ban other heroes. A hero like Valir, or other most banned heroes is not included in this list because this 6 is one of the top pick and the top banned in mythic rank currently, especially in Asia.

What do you think about this list, do you agree?

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