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People have been hyping up the new Hilda after the recent updates. Her abilities to deal with damage can’t be ignored especially in the early game. Her abilities to dominate the fight can also be used to kill anything that is in her ways, and she is able to run around finding prey to kill. Definitely one of the best barbarian heroes in Mobile Legends.

However, it seems like Moonton doesn’t like her update even after the buffs, and deems that the update is not enough for our so powerful Barbarian. Which is why, in the next update, Moonton decides to get another buff for Hilda, giving her more damage, and easy full stacks to dominate the fight in early – mid-game.

As you all know, Hilda is the worst fighter in the late game. she is a solo killer that can kill any squishy enemies with her combos. Her ultimate gain damages each time she kills, but in the late game, where enemies have gathered around, it can be a little hard to use Hilda. This means that she needs to actively seek fights and be more aggressive in the early game to get advantages in the early – mid-game, and these updates are perfect for those.

The update will give her stack limit to 8 from the previous 10, which means that with only 8 assist or 8 kills, she is able to deal the powerful blow of 60% physical penetration and added damage. Aside from that, Moonton will also increase the power and damage added by each stack by 10 from 40 – 50 to 50 – 60 each stack. Increasing the overall damage when using her ultimate.

Regardless, this buff is really op for Hilda, and we hope that you Hilda users will be able to dominate the fight more!

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