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On the recent update in Ragnarok Mobile, off-hand synthesis is finally available to allow their players to upgrade their equipment. This is the same with any other synthesis upgrades, where players will need to get certain materials for each item, find the NPC, and then use your zeny to upgrade it. Now for those that are still a little bit confuse, here is a little guide on Off Hand Synthesis!

Where is it

You will need to go to Al De Baran and find Enchant Fusion (Magic Furnace). After finding it, then select the Off-Hand from the drop-down menu to see the equipment that are available for you to upgrade. There will be 2 pairs of equips, one that is slotted and one that is not.

Do I Lose the refinement from the previous item

Much like any other synthesis, you won’t lose your refinement, and it will retain its refined level. So you don’t need to worry about this problem. It is also the same with Enchantments. and slots.

What do you need to do OffHand Synthesis

You will of course need to equipment that you want to upgrade in its final upgraded tier. After that, you may need to have additional off hand equipments to reach a specific tier that you want. You might also need material from MVP mobs like Unreal Bone from Maple Fairy Yzma, Snake Demon Pupils, Burning Snake Scale, Ice Crystal  and many drops from the normal mobs especially those from ep.7.0 Luoyang. and 800.000z per synthesis.

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