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Ragnarok Origin is probably one of the most anticipated Ragnarok Game currently on Android and iOS. Well, what is not to love, the nostalgic Ragnarok Game, a good graphic, with a pretty nice control is what makes this game so interesting to play. Recently the game had released a new updates with new content, and if you are an International players like me, this link below will definitely help you get the game.

Some of the newest content that you will experience in these updates are the new jobs that are going to come in the game, which is Alchemist and Creator. So for those homunculi fans, You will definitely be hay with this update. Aside from that, Aldebaran, the city of Alchemist will be added to the game, of course the infamous dungeon Clock Tower will also be updated as part of the Aldebaran map. There is also going to be a 5v5 PVP content update with it. So if you want to play competitively, definitely download this update now because it is going to be so much fun playing the game next.

Ragnarok Origin is the newest Ragnarok mobile game, that implemented a MOBA style control to the game. Unlike Ragnarok Mobile Eternal Love, Origin is still released on Korean, so for those that want to play the game in English, you will need to use Vpn or English patch to play it without any problem. Currently, there are still no news regarding the Global released date.

For those that want to download the updates, you can click on the link here to download them on Apkpure. You can also use this link here to download the English patch for the game (It is not yet updated). For those that are new to the game, there are also some tips on the best VPN to play Ragnarok origin here!

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