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Aside from Gardevoir, Blissey is going to be one of the next Pokemon that are coming to Pokemon Unite. Interestingly enough, it is going to be released exactly Tomorrow on August 18th 2021. The fairy type Pokemon is going to be the next Support tanker build, where she can not only heal but also take damage like his build as you can see on the little trailer below:

The trailer above let us see the ability of Blissey in the game next, Blissey can use Soft boiled egg, and Healing pulse to heal and support her allies, and uses her eggs as a bomb to deal damage to the enemies. There is also a unique trait where Blissey can take the other opponents’ points and then score it to the capture point, increasing her worth more in the game as both tank and support player.

Sadly, we didn’t have any information regarding her status in the game, but if she is much like her original franchise, she will definitely be a good Support – tank Pokemon in the game.

Blissey is a Pokemon that appears on the beta test Pokemon Unite before and is finally released by the Pokemon Company on 18 August 2021.

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