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Shooter game is probably one of the most seek android genres currently. What is not to love, the battle of skills added with tons of cool guns to use makes this genre so awesome to play. Of course, it is not that easy to find a good shooter game. Because of that, today we will give you some of our recommendations for the best Shooter game on Android!


Cool guns, added with really cute graphics make Sierra 7 becomes one of the best Shooter games available. The game is very simple, Kill all the enemies in your line of sight, cover when being fired, and survive. The gameplay is fast and exciting, and really challenging.


2. Battle of Arrow

If you are in love with Arrow more than guns, then Battle of Arrow is definitely your first choice. Get up on your horses, and draw your bowstring to the back because you will need it. The game is a PVP action shooter game, where you will battle your skills with the other players. But not only that, there are raid modes that you can play with your friends, so what is not to love.


3. Sausages Man

If you are looking for a cartoony style Fortnite game, then Sausage man is your choice. The gameplay is fun, with tons of mechanics to choose from, but the essence is still the same, find guns, bada bing bada boom, and then win the game as the last player standing.


4. Bullet Angel

Bullet Angel is a modern & stylish FPS mobile game by Xshot developer. Launched in 2009, the PC game is quite popular in South East Asia. It has all the classic elements gamers love and is specially developed for mobile platforms. From PC to mobile, let’s carry on with Bullet Angel and enjoy the evolved FPS gaming excitement!


5. Critical Strike CS

Critical Strike is a familiar game for PC players, if you are looking for nostalgic feels of a game that you can find in early 2000 games, then you should definitely try this game. The game is very similar to the counter-terrorist game, where you will need to take part and help your teams to kill the terrorist. With a more simplified control, players will finally be able to play the nostalgic game on mobile.


6. Battlefield™ Mobile

Battlefield Mobile is one the long-awaited Battlefield Franchises on mobile, where players will be able to compete in a gunfight with their friends. It is one of the most popular franchises with high graphics and cool gameplay. You can play with your friends and press assault on maps, and modes that you are familiar with in the previous series. Use your weapon of choice with tons of different variants to choose from.


7. SIX.A: Raiders Mission

The difference between this game and PUBG Mobile or Free Fire are huge though even though the gameplay is similar. This game uses the combination of PvPvE, where players will not only play against other enemies, will also play against zombies that will kill you in sight. Not only that, there will be a huge boss monster that has a good weapon and points, that have a high healths to kill you. Your goals is to work together with your teams to fight this monster and your enemies. However, the game has revive system that will help you play the game much more easily, at least until the area become much smaller and then the revive system will be turned off automatically by the game. Apart from that, it is the usual kill or be killed battle royale gameplay.


There you have it, some of the best android shooter games that you can play and download for free. If you are interested, we have other game recommendations that we really insist you check. Some are the best MMORPG game without Auto Feature, and the other is RPG games for RPG lovers. We also have Emulator Recommendation that you should check called LDPlayers, If you are interested we really recommend you to download it by using this link here.

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