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Who said mobile game isn’t as good as PC or console game. Currently, there are android devices that are comparable with a laptop, and who know if it will be a comparable console soon. Now, as all might said there are so many good games nowadays with cool graphics and high-level gameplay. If you are looking for one, here are some of the best high graphics games on Android that you can enjoy in 2021.

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  • RAM: 2GB
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  • Intel VT-x/ AMD-V


1. UNDECEMBER (Unreal Engine 4 MMORPG)

UNDECEMBER is an Action RPG game, where players will be able to use a bunch of different weapons to kill the enemies in a hack and slash fast action RPG. Players can co-op to kill the enemies and finish a dungeon, while PVP to test out their skill. The game doesn’t have a limit to their players regarding the playstyle that they want to use in combination with their skill.

There are around 3 classes that can be played from melee, ranged, and magic. Each has a different sub-class for example magic that can be classified into various elements or summoning spells. Players are able to test and obtain bug breaking skills, but that doesn’t mean it is easy to do so. You can also reset your skill to test out new builds however you will need an item to do so.


2. Chimeraland (Mythical Survival)

If you are looking for a really good game right now, we recommend that you download a game called Chimeraland. The game is a survival rpg games where you will need to survive the wilds while doing quests and events. You will need to hunt, build shelter, and gather some food to survive the wild. Not only that, your goal here is to survive and bring the true world of ancient and to relieve the glory of the mythological world.

Chimeraland strives to restore and bring back the true mythological world full of ancient, distinct animals, iconic mountains surrounded by clouds and rivers showered by raindrops. Here, players can catch, ride, devour and evolve ancient beasts to be companions; they can build homes and live in the mountains or by the ocean; they can discover treasure and wealth in the big open world, and trade freely with other explorers. The wide collocation of weapons also adds to the combat experience.


3. Seven Knight 2 (High Graphic MMORPG)

Seven Knights is probably one of the most popular Netmarble RPG games that are played by almost 10 milion people around the world. The game is so popular that it has gotten an anime adaptation. Interestingly enough, Netmarble is making a new mobile MMORPG game that is based on Seven Knights story called Seven Knights 2.

The game is a high-quality graphic MMORPG that is based 20 years after the first Seven Knight series. You will play as the main character Rudy that will build teams of hero to be the best. You can control 4 heroes at the same time, dealing with the enemies and then being the best.


4. The Last Echo (Offline ARPG)

The game introduces us to Clara, a young girl who is attempting to go to the secret forest in order to save her friends. However, on her way to help her friends, she encounters a monster and a fairy tale book filled with power. The game uses a 3D Action RPG game, with really cool graphics that make the game appear not only beautiful but also eerie.

The Last Echo allows players to explore and fight using a powerful book that can learn the enemy’s abilities. You can also create your own fighting style and then use what you’ve learned to easily defeat your opponents. The game is definitely enjoyable to play; however, it is still in Chinese, and the developers have no plans to release it globally “yet.”


5. ARMIS (High-Quality MMORPG Game)

ARMIS is a fantasy mobile open world mobile MMORPG with millions of customization features. The world is awesome where you can find your own quest, and explore the world by yourself. There are no limitations, you can explore the world of land, sea and sky whenever you want as long as you have the proper equipment. The game is currently on open beta and you can immediately download and play the game here.


6. Ryuko (Sekiro Like ARPG Game)

Ryuko – Legend of Shadow Hunter, is one of the newest mobile games that is made by Horizon Game Inc. The game has some similarities with Sekiro, where players will need to dodge the hit, the low health bar, and increasingly annoying enemies. But of course, much like Sekiro, Ryuko also have its addictive rage quit inducing gameplay that will make you challenge the game more and more.


7. Harry Potter Magic Awakened (Harry Potter High Graphic Game on Android)

Harry Potter Magic Awakened is a really cute RPG game with tons of stuff to do. You will play as a new wizard in Hogwarts trying to find their own stuff to do. You can customize, create your own characters, and freely control them. For the gameplay, it is more like a PVP battle with a card-based system where players will need to save up their mana, to start summoning and uses your spell. You will fight against other new wizards (RTPlayers) and raise in ranks.


8. Vive Le Football (High Graphics Sports Game)

Vive le Football is a really good football game for those that really love the genre. The game is really similar to FIFA and PES that is pretty popular on PC or Console at the time. Where players will be able to play their favourite characters, use them against the other players. There is a multiplayer feature where Vive le Football where you will be able to play against other players. The game looks pretty fine despite its BETA version.


9. One Piece Burning Will (Anime game with high quality animation)

One Piece Burning Will, is one of the newest One Piece games on Mobile that follow the story of the original One Piece franchise. Where players will play as Luffy, finding their teammates, and then travel around the Grand Line to find One Piece. The Gameplay itself is a combination of both idle RPGs with a strategy where you will still need to time your skill of each character in the game to win the fight. Most of the time though it will still be auto. Although, there are many other features that must be played without the auto feature which makes the game more fun to play.


10. WildBorn

The game is announced back in 2019, and is the collaboration game made by Line Games and Rock Square back in the day. The gameplay is very similar to any monster hunting game, where players will need to hunt monsters with their friends to kill the monster. With a pretty good graphic, the game promises us similar gameplay to those monster hunting games on PC and Console.

If you love Monster hunter game, then you should definitely check out this game. Where players in the future will suffer from environmental pollution and lose their resources. They went to a planet called Trus full of tons of different monsters and you will need to use a mysterious resource called Arethstone that will boost your fight with a giant monster. The hunting starts from the moment you are born in Trus. The game is fun, with tons of weapon to choose from, and you can definitely feel the high graphic game on your android phone.


The list above contains some of the best and High Graphic Game on Android that you can play and download on Android. Most of the games above didn’t have an auto feature that is considered as an MMORPG Gameplay Destroyer and some other fun genre that you can play with. Enjoy!

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