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Nana, became one of the mainstay heroes of Mobile Legends female players or gamers because the skill set is quite easy to understand. Unfortunately, in the latest Mobile Legends patch update on the advance server along with the Vexana revamp, Nana got a pretty bad nerf, making Molina almost useless in the game.

Molina Nana on Nerf by Moonton!

In the Molina Nana update on the Advance server, Moonton reduced the duration of Molina appearing in the Land of Dawn. When released, Molina will only have 2 seconds of duration until it can finally be used to turn the enemy into that annoying little doll, previously it was 15 seconds. This nerf is quite severe, because Molina is Nana’s most important skill that can be used to open maps, defense, and of course disturb the enemy so they can’t do anything.

Although it is still used to annoy enemies by turning them into dolls, Molina can no longer open maps, defense, and make enemies panic with the existence of the little doll.

Will this nerf make Nana a forgotten hero in Mobile Legends? What do you think?

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