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There’s new information for those that play Vexana Mobile Legends. Mainly because the revamped Vexana is finally announced by Moonton and players that want to play and try her can now go to the advance server. If you are interested here’s the information

Revamp Vexana Mobile Legends Looks Good!

Vexana Revamp

This revamp not only changes Vexana’s abilities but also her age. Previously she looks like an old lady that will kill you when you didn’t do the dishes, but now she looks like a young lady that says “Anyway….”

Most of her skills is revamped except for her passive abilities, and it is now focused on AOE burst damage with the ultimate that are versatile and can be used for defense, push, and attack. For a little gameplay, you can see both hero differences from the Hororo-Chan video:


Vexana Revamp Skill Details in Mobile Legends

The video above provides a bit of gameplay and the differences between the two. All skills possessed by Vexana are now turned into AOE.

  • Skill 1, which generally only affects targets in 1 lane, can now affect the enemies besides the affected hero after 1 second.
  • Skill 2 is still the same but gets an additional effect, where players can blow it up immediately by pressing the same skill button again.
  • Lastly is the ultimate skill, where Vexana no longer needs enemy heroes to take her shadow. Here the player can summon a lord to inflict massive damage on the enemy.

The cool thing is, the first time you summon the lord, the player will give a stunning effect that will increase the chances of the enemy being killed in the game. This revamp from Vexana will certainly be very scary, but because it is still in advance server, it looks like there will be a balancing for this hero in the future.

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