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The most recent NetEase Games game, Vive le Football or known as Green Faith has gained high popularity from the football lovers community. After a while ago having completed the beta test phase, the developers of NetEase announced that they will start opening another test phase for the Vive le Football mobile game with the name Tackle test which will start on May 20, 2022 for android, iOS and PC.

Unlike the previous beta test, this test allows players to use their money and the monetization system of Vive Le Football through in-game purchases.

FIFA Killer – Vive le Football by NetEase!

Since it was first released, and announced by NetEase, Vive Le Football is predicted to be a FIFA Killer by the community. Vive le Football itself is a cross platform game that has a variety of modes that give players an interesting gameplay so that players continue to be interested in playing the game. The first test of this game itself was actually tested a year ago, and finally got the optimization for the fans who have been waiting for it.

Various modes such as Street, Story, Career, or PVP modes allow players to explore the world of football depending on what they want. What’s more, Street Mode itself is quite popular among players which presents short and fast gameplay with 2v2, and 3v3 modes, which require coordination from players and individual skills to win the game.

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Register for Vive le Football by NetEase test!

Vive le football NetEase

If you are interested in taking the Vive le Football test, you can fill out a short questionnaire from the game at [link]. The information that you must fill in is your name, gender, age, and the type of game you have played at the end of this year.

This test will be launched on Android, iOS, and PC in the future. Prospective players or registrants can access the official website to get the latest information.

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