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Wild Rift has recently made an announcement regarding an update to its v3.2 version. This announcement comes on the heels of an announcement regarding the Wild Rift Icon Global Championship, which was inaugurated in Singapore a while ago. Players will have the opportunity to acquire new characters, gameplay tweaks, new Wild Passes, and a great deal more over the following few weeks. The update includes various long-awaited features, including Rune, which is one of them.

New Champion Ekko Wild Rift Patch v3.2

Wild Rift Update

Ekko, a little boy who has disrupted the flow of time, will soon become available as Wild Rift’s newest champion. Ekko is able to manage time and look out for his companions with the use of a contraption he invented himself and calls the Z-Drive. Players in this MOBA Mobile game can, of course, use Ekko and his powers to their advantage.

Another Important Update in Wild Rift Patch v3.2

Wild Rift Update

Following that, there came the Elemental Rift update, which reintroduced dragons or dragons into the game. However, the most recent patch made the effects of Elemental Dragons stackable, and each death increased the dragon’s power and buff by up to x1.5-2. In addition, there will be a third season of Guild vs. Guild, which is scheduled to be launched on May 23, 2022. With the introduction of this new season, there will of course be new and exciting prizes, objectives, and changes, including buffs and nerfs.

New Wild Pass with Dream Raider Skin – Nasus

A new Wild Pass was also released along with the update, featuring Dream Raider Nasus, a new skin for Nasus with various attractive prizes that can be obtained as part of the battle pass.

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If you are interested in playing the update, players can download LOL: Wild Rift on the App Store, Google Play and Emulator using a PC!

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