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T3 Arena is one of the most popular mobile games with a gameplay comparable to Overwatch. In March alone, this 3v3 battler shooter game itself has surpassed 700 thousand downloads on Android, and now the unique game can now be played on the App Store for iOS users.

The introduction of the MOBA shooter game to iOS also introduces a new season for players dubbed Glory Begins, with a variety of new in-game content such as the new game mode and a new character named Hua Ling coming to the game.

T3 Arena – New Character Hua Ling!

Hua Ling himself is a bow user, which may be used to kill her enemies by using arrows from a long distance. However, just like other heroes, he also displays a number of skills that can be employed to slay his enemies. Hua Ling has a skill called Whirlwind that may be used to generate a wind tornado that is used to catch enemies, and do great damage. With the powers he has, Hua Ling will undoubtedly be one of the characters that must be in your squad for you to use.

T3 Arena – New Map and Modes!

A new Clash mode that prioritizes survival is also presented in the update. In the new mode, eliminated players will not return to the fight, and players must wait for the next round to experience the excitement of the game. What’s more, a new map called Relight: Space Station is also presented as a new map in outer space.

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If you are interested, T3 Arena is now available on the App Store and TapTap for Android users, players can also use an emulator to play the game on PC.

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