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After presenting various interesting events in its second season, Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier finally presents its third season with the title Highway Star with updated content, new skins, maps, Season passes, bonuses and much more. The third season of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier presents a new map called Midgar Plateside with iconic locations from FF7 Remake such as Mako Reactor Core 1, Sector 8, and Highway.

Although the map presented is indeed smaller than usual, this map has various places or alleys that can be used to fight with a total of 60 players – smaller than usual. Square Enix also presents Sephiroth as one of the new skins in the game, with new emotes, and kill effects that can be accessed through Advance Shinra Packs.

Those who get 2 of the same skin can combine these skins to increase the level of the skin, and the higher the level of the skin, the more prizes will be unlocked. As part of the login bonus, players will receive the Soldier Sample Mako Skin, and over 35 Advanced Shinra Pack Tickets over the update.

The third season update of Highway Star presents new classes that can be used, one of which is Machinist who is a Gadgeteer with melee combat abilities and many tools that help him. Machinists have high mobility with their gadgets, make a jamming devices that can be used to block enemy weapons, and much more. In addition, Water Materia which has the ability to find hidden enemies and inflict damage is also presented in the update.

Finally, a new Season pass with various attractive prizes and exclusive skins inspired by Mako Reactor Core 1 and Jenova is also presented.

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If you are interested in joining the latest season of Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier, you can play for free on the iOS App Store, Google Play Store Android, and PC using an emulator!

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