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Ragnarok X: Next Generation was recently rumoured to be celebrating its anniversary with a collaboration event with one of the most popular manga Attack on Titan. The event presents a variety of exclusive prizes, accessories, and special game modes for loyal players, and will be held from 18th June to 3rd July 2022.

After reaching base level > 20, players will unlock a new game mode called War of Freedom which can be accessed during the event. In this mode, players will be divided into two groups, namely Survey Corps and Titans. Players who get a group of Titans can become Colossal Titans, Armored Titans and Beast Titans, while players who become Survey Corps will become humans. The task of each team is to finish off the other team similar to the anime/manga.

Just like in the previous event, players will get special accessories such as costumes, mounts, and pets. For the costume itself, players can get a Levi Cleaning Face Covering skin set, and a Levi Cleaning Bandana to appear as Captain Levi like in the anime/manga, as well as other costumes, namely Training Corps Uniform, Survey Corps Uniform, and 3D Maneuver Gear can also be found in the event. the.

For the mount, players can use Cart Titan for adventures in the world of Ragnarok X Next Generation, or the Colossal Titan which can be used as a pet that can help you in the game. Finally, players can use the “Sacrifice Heart” emote, and the iconic “Shinzo Sasageo” emote from the Attack on Titan series.

Ragnarok X Next Generation Attack on Titan

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Interested players can participate in the Ragnarok X next Generation x Attack on Titan event by pre-registering on the official website.  Ragnarok X Next Generation is one of the popular MMORPG games from Nuverse that was released and can be played on Android, iOS, and PC using an emulator!

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