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The latest Mobile Legends update for the advanced server introduces a brand new feature called Sentry Vision. Moonton is responsible for this update. Because of this functionality, players are able to see the forested area surrounding their base simply by standing on the inner wall of their base.

Natalia on Nerf with Sentry Vision Mobile Legends Kehadiran

Mobile Legends Sentry Vision Natalia

With a 90-second cooldown, players can see all enemies hiding up to the limit of lords or turtles, but this feature can also be used to reveal Natalia, the hidden hero. Of course, this is a significant nerf for assassins.

Mainly because in the late game, when you want to kill an enemy, Natalia will almost certainly enter another team’s forest/jungle to pick up enemies who are farming. This will make it easier for the enemy to avoid your hero assassins.

Furthermore, by using Sentry Vision, players can reveal a hidden effect, which is one of the required items for several heroes, including Franco and Kaja. Sentry Vision, when used correctly, will be a very useful utility in avoiding enemy ambushes.

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