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Pokemon Unite never ceases to amaze its fans with a plethora of new features and mechanics that will be introduced in the game. According to a fresh datamine leak, the MOBA game will have Dynamax and Gigantamax capabilities. The two features introduced in Pokemon Generation VIII that can grow your Pokemon in the turn-based game and modify your existing move set.

This leak comes from Eclipse, one of the most well-known datamine leakers in the Pokemon Unite community, who has presented numerous leaks to the Pokemon MOBA community.

In one of the tweet he/she make, we can find Gigantamax Pikachu dressed in various hollowear. However, the tweet gives additional info about how these two features will be incorporated into the game. It is speculated that either the feature above will be directly implemented in the game or an event with a new mode that will implement the feature.

Dynamax and Gigantamax were initially introduced in Pokemon Sword and Shield, where players could enlarge their Pokemon, change their moveset, and boost their max HP in combat. Although no information has been released, the introduction of these features will provide a fresh playing experience in the game.

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