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Due to player demand and the game’s popularity, the Ancient Secret Event, which was previously offered on PUBG Mobile, will make a return on July 13, 2022. Interestingly, despite the lack of information about the event, based on the responses and tweets from PUBG fans interested in fighting the Pharoah and obtaining a variety of intriguing skins, it appears that this event will become an annual or monthly event in the BR game.

According to rumours, the Ancient Secret event will be released alongside the PUBG Mobile 2.1 update. It is unknown what features, gameplay, or modes will be available during the event, but it appears that players will be able to enjoy the same playing experience as Ancient Secret Mode, which was published in PUBG in 2020, but with some alterations or new updates.

PUBG Mobile The Ancient Secret Event

The poster shared on Twitter also generates excitement from fans; based on the responses, followers are eagerly anticipating the arrival of this previously released new trend. PUBG Mobile also shows a small clip connected to the Pharaoh X suit from Ancient Secret Mode.

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Those are some important events that will be presented on PUBG Mobile 2.1 in the future. PUBG Mobile is a mobile game with the Battle Royale genre released on AndroidiOS, and can be played on a PC using an emulator

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