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XD Inc recently released a mid-season update for their popular game T3 Arena, which includes new characters, improved quality of life, mechanics, ultimates, and an intriguing voiceover character. A new system was also added to the game, which allows access to leaderboards and reports to others.

First, starting with a new character named Chemist, this hero becomes the second hero healer to be able to use a grenade launcher to heal, buff damage, and deal damage to enemies. Chemist’s abilities will make her a cool offence and defense character, and she will definitely become one of the META characters that are going to be difficult to handle in the future.

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The Club system follows, which evolves into a “Guild”-like system in which players can create their own team in T3 Arena. In addition, players will receive character skins and four new 2nd ultimates in a variety of characters, making combat even more immersive. T3 Arena is a popular mobile game with gameplay similar to Overwatch that features 3v3 battles lasting 3 minutes.

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T3 Arena is one of the best mobile shooter games on Android, iOS, and PC using an emulator. If you are interested, you can see the gameplay below:

If you are interested, T3 Arena is now available on the App Store and TapTap for Android users, players can also use an emulator to play the game on PC.

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