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Chain Chronicle was recently known to have an interesting collaboration with the Isekai Ojisan anime and the Sonic series. This collaboration presents more than 7 SSR Characters with various characters that can be obtained starting from Ojisan, Elf, Mabel, and Alisia accompanied by 3 original characters Sonic, Tails and Knuckles.

Members of Isekai Ojisan and Sonic will appear in the game as mage and warrior type units, with skills that can be used to double mana for both classes, allowing you to perform combos with those abilities. Interestingly, this collaboration is also presented along with the VA of all the characters just mentioned above, with the in-game characters created and developed by the respective anime production teams.

This collaboration presents an original story written specifically for Chain Chronicle with characters from Isekai Ojisan who are known to be major fans of Sega games including Sonic and Tails meeting their idols. Interestingly, you can get Ojisan for free by playing events, and completing various missions.

Chain Chronicle is a new JRPG mobile game developed and can be played on AndroidiOS and PC using an emulator.

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