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Tower of fantasy is the Hotta Studio open-world gacha game currently being discussed. With so many features, including co-op, side quests, and others, level scaling is problematic for many gamers. Level Scaling is an option in the mobile gacha game that, based on the player’s overall level, increases the HP and damage dealt to enemies.

Level Scaling is a bad feature in Tower of Fantasy!

This is especially problematic for free-to-play players with weak weapons who will struggle to slay creatures with high HP and level. Especially when other players possess potent weapons of high quality. This makes players feel cheated and dissatisfied with the Tower of Fantasy release. Consequently, numerous players took to Reddit to express their perspectives on the topic.

According to him, Tower of Fantasy is a game that the longer you play, the weaker you become. He is a casual player who is forced to use meta builds and feels weak because the mob is too strong. Which makes it rewarding for whales to spend money on the game.

He also complained that Tower of Fantasy should take the example of Genshin Impact which managed to implement level scaling easily in the game, increase the rewards of high-level mobs, and reduce the health of cooking mobs that can be found in the game.

But what do you think? Is what is said in this thread starter true?

About Tower of Fantasy:

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play open-world action role-playing game created by Perfect World subsidiary Hotta Studio. The game takes place in the far future on the planet of Aida, which has been tainted with a mysterious but potent radioactive energy known as Omnium following a catastrophe that nearly wiped out human civilization and changed the planet’s biosphere.

The game is released on androidiOS, and PC!

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