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The Pokemon franchise often gets fan made games that are successful in the market, with one of the most popular games with PokeWild’s open-world survival system and genre.

Reportedly, this Pokemon open-world game will get a port on Android and will be present on mobile. This is because many fans are asking for the development of the game to be brought to Android mobile. The developer confirmed that PokeWilds will be brought to mobile with a full port on Android in a Reddit post.

Pokemon Open World

“No, but we plan on adding an Android port in the future,”

PokeWilds itself, for those who don’t know, is a fan-made game related to the game Pokemon. Here, players will be taken to a spacious room with Pokemon Gen 2 graphics (Crystal, Gold and Silver) and explore the free world at will.

Presenting Pokemon from 8 Generations, this fan-made game presents hundreds of Pokemon that you can catch. Interestingly here, players can see Pokemon that will bear, and make eggs in front of you, and when you steal the eggs, the parents of the Pokemon will look for them and chase you to kill.

Players can also create a fence similar to the Minecraft system, to enter their Pokemon and breed there. Home to shelter and protect yourself from outside Pokemon, and much more! The game is currently available on PC, and new update might change that soon.

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