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The 3.5 seasons of Apex Legends Mobile is offering limited-time events and challenges for players to earn free rewards. One of these events is the Ring In The New Year event, which requires players to complete missions specific to the current season. As a reward, players can receive a variety of prizes including season currency, exclusive skins for legends and weapons, and more.

Season 3.5 Apex Legends Mobile with Event ‘Ring in The New Year’

Apex Legends Mobile

The Ring In The New Year event in Apex Legends Mobile allows players to earn various rewards such as gold festivals, legend frames, banners, holo sprays, and more for free. To participate in the event, players must complete a series of seven missions with specific objectives.

Here are some tasks that you can finish in the “Ring In The New Year” challenge in Apex Legends Mobile and the rewards information:

  • Played 2 ranked matches: 3 pack
  • Get Top 5 in Battle Royale mode 3 times as Ash, Gibraltar, or Bangalore: Happy New Year banner
  • Played 5 ranked matches: 100 Flux
  • Get Top 10 in Battle Royale mode 3 times as Rhapsody, Wraith, or Revenant: 300 Gold festival
  • Deals 500 damage in Battle Royale mode as Revenant, Bloodhound, or Pathfinder: 3000 Underworld Coin
  • Deals 500 damage with LMG in any mode: Frightened (Pathfinder holospray)
  • Deals 500 damage in TDM: Trophy match title (Frame Pathfinder)

To participate in the Ring In The New Year event in Apex Legends Mobile, players can click on the corresponding banner on the main screen. These missions are free and are regularly updated by the game developers as rewards. Players can also check for other events such as the New Year’s Gift and Festival Celebration challenges.

About The Game:

Apex Legends Mobile is a multiplayer battle royale game that is available on mobile devices. It features characters with unique abilities and weapons, and players must work together to be the last team standing on a shrinking map. The game regularly offers events and challenges for players to participate in and earn in-game rewards.

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