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Devsisters, the developer of Cookie Run OvenBreak, has announced that they will be removing all gacha mechanics from the game as part of an upcoming update. This announcement came as a surprise, considering that the gacha system has been a part of the game since its launch.

For those who are not familiar, Cookie Run Ovenbreak is the first game in the Cookie Run series. So, how will players be able to obtain pets and cookies in the future? We will summarize the changes below.

How to Obtain Pets and Cookies Now?

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Gacha

Cookie Run Ovenbreak Gacha

The upcoming update will change the way players obtain cookies and pets. Players will be able to purchase pets and cookies using crystals. Here are the prices for Epic Pet, Epic Cookie, Legendary Pet, and Legendary Cookie:

  • Epic Pet – 30 Crystals
  • Epic Cookie – 45 Crystals
  • Legendary Pet – 2.4k Crystals
  • Legendary Cookie – 3.6k Crystals

In addition, there will be changes to the way players obtain potions in the game. Players will receive four potions that can be used depending on the situation:

  • Pet Potion (for leveling up Common, Rare, and Epic pets)
  • Cookie Potion (for leveling up Common, Rare, and Epic cookies)
  • Legendary Cookie Potion
  • Legendary Pet Potion

If players want to obtain Legendary Pet Potions or Legendary Cookie Potions, they will have to earn them through the New Cookie Cup, which is a rank reward. Devsisters will also be removing the mileage system.

If you are interested in this update that removes the gacha system, it will be available for download and play in March.

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