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Limbus Company, a new gacha game from the creators of Lobotomy Corporation and Library of Ruina, has arrived on Google Play. However, the release of Limbus Company did not go smoothly. A Reddit post indicated that the Limbus Company server crashed and down within a few hours of release.

It appears that more people than the developer anticipated wanted to enter the dystopian nightmare. However, at the time of writing this article on Limbus Company’s release date, everything appears to be on track.

Limbus Company Server Down after its release

Limbus Company is a turn-based RPG and real-time brawl game that challenges players to lead a team of 12 Sinners to find the hidden Golden Boughs in the Lobotomy Corporation facility. Players must combine strategy using identities and E.G.O to face various enemy attacks and cunning effects.

In battle, players can connect skill icons on the grid to unleash the desired action. Additionally, players can enjoy an intriguing storyline with all dialogue in Korean and English. If you are interested, you can download Limbus Company on the Android and iOS App Store!

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