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Apple has revealed a major change to the way its App Store is priced, giving developers 900 different price points to choose from. The previous $0.99-per-step system, which constrained developers’ pricing choices, has been greatly increased by this.

With the new method, developers will be able to set prices in whole numbers, and the starting price for apps and in-app purchases is now $0.29. The highest a developer can charge is $10,000, but this would require special permission from Apple.

The new pricing system will include every $0.10 interval up to $10, or every $0.50 interval up to $50, giving developers greater flexibility and control over their pricing strategies.

Developers can Utilize this for Globally Equalized Prices

Developers will also be able to use “globally equalized prices,” which follow the most common pricing conventions in each country or region. This means that the availability of apps and in-app purchases can be regionalized, allowing developers to provide customized services to their users.

Apple states that the new pricing structure will go live on May 9, 2023. All 175 App Store storefronts will update their current apps and one-time in-app purchases, and the worldwide equalized cost will be adjusted based on “publicly available exchange rate information from financial data advisers.” Apple will perform the update for developers on the basis of the standard US dollar fee if they fail to do so before the deadline.

This new pricing system is a major step up for developers, who will now have greater flexibility in pricing their apps and in-app purchases. By allowing developers to set prices in whole-number values and offering globally equalized prices, Apple is making it easier for developers to target specific markets and audiences, which can help to drive sales and increase revenue.

Overall, the new pricing system is a welcome change for developers, and it will be interesting to see how they use this increased flexibility to drive growth and success in the App Store.

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