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Kakao Games has just launched its latest updates for Eversoul players, especially for the bravest warriors. A new PvP mode called Champs Arena has been introduced for players who consider themselves to be the best of the best and ready for ruthless action.

New PVP Mode Eversoul Champs Arena

Eversoul Updates

Eversoul Updates

Players who have finished the Battlefront 5-1 region can access Champs Arena Eversoul. It includes a 15-Soul Grudge battle in which only the most powerful teams will square off. Each day, approximately five matches are accessible without charge; any additional matches require Champs Arena Tickets.

Before beginning the game, there are a few items to consider. Players must select between low, medium, and high difficulty levels before the battle begins. After that, three teams of five Souls each will be formed, and the battle’s flow will be decided.

There will be no use of ultimate abilities during any battles, which will all be conducted automatically. The battle will be forfeited if the adversary is not vanquished within the allotted time frame. Therefore, picking the appropriate Souls for each round is important. If players want to have a chance of winning, all teams must be equally powerful.

Treasure Cards Feature, Rewards, and More event!

With the introduction of Treasure Cards, buffs can be added before the battle begins, which could aid the outcome of the match. The outcomes determine the points and win rewards, and there are three different kinds of rewards available.

Additionally, the Springing Bloom in Your Heart event is being held by Eversoul through March 29th. Players who aren’t prepared for the heat of the stadium should use this. In order to complete this quest and receive special rewards, one must protect themselves against hordes of monsters.

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