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Line Games has just released an exciting new update for their mobile hack ‘n’ slash ARPG, Undecember. This update features a new season of Descent Raids, more Runestones, and the Brown’s Lucky Dice Event, where players can win amazing prizes.

Update on Undecember End Games Ruins Destroyer, 2 New Boss and More!

Endgame players now have more content to enjoy as Rune Hunters above level 90 receive a new challenge. They can now face a powerful new raid boss at level 120, Magroth. A minimum level of 80 and a party of eight are required to take on this formidable new villain.

The rewards for completing this task are equally valuable, with level 110 Runestones offered among other items.

The sixth season of Descent Raids is now available in Undecember, featuring two new bosses – Sicus and Vilam. Once again, players must be at least level 80 to participate, and the party size remains at eight. Each boss will be available for battle for two weeks.

Furthermore, completing the Shadow Mirror will unlock unique items such as Unique Runestones by collecting Shards from the field or from the Chaos Dungeon.

12 New Runestones


This update introduces 12 new Runestones, providing players with a wide range of options to create specific builds for different tasks. Here is a breakdown of all the buffs available on the new Runestones:

  • Armour penetration
  • Minion damage penetration
  • Sentry damage penetration
  • Damage against near enemies
  • Minion hit rate
  • Damage against far enemies
  • Sentry hit rate
  • Sentry attack speed
  • Minion damage on hit against far enemies
  • Minion critical rate
  • Sentry damage on hit against far enemies
  • Brown’s Lucky Dice Event

Players can start earning Lucky Dice and Golden Dice from the field through this event. By rolling the dice, rare items such as Vesper Essence can be obtained. This event will remain active until March 29th.

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