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Welcome to a world where your Zanpakuto’s potential knows no bounds. If you’re itching to explore the depths of your powers, you’re in for a treat. This Peroxide Bankai guide is your compass to unraveling the mysteries and unleashing the might of these extraordinary abilities.

Drawing inspiration from the renowned anime and manga sensation, Bleach, Peroxide sets the stage for you to embody a Soul Reaper, Quincy, or Hollow. Get ready to dive into the heart of a dynamic Roblox game that boasts a lightning-fast combat system.

Just a heads-up – your character might need to take a temporary leave from the realm of the living, but remember, greatness often demands a sacrifice.

Bankai in Peroxide Guide

In the realm of Zanpakuto mastery, the ascent to power unfolds in distinct stages – the initial Shikai and the formidable Bankai. These stages are intertwined with elemental prowess, bestowing upon wielders an arsenal of new combat maneuvers that promise to electrify battles.

  1. Master Shikai: Before reaching for Bankai, ensure you’ve honed your Zanpakuto’s Shikai abilities to perfection.
  2. Level and XP: Hit Level 85 and gather 420 Soul Reaper XP by completing missions, defeating Vastocar, and finishing time gates.
  3. Connect with Spirit: Meditate to forge a deep connection with your Zanpakuto’s spirit – a vital step toward unlocking Bankai.
  4. Boss Battle: Face a tough boss battle with your Zanpakuto’s spirit, surpassing the challenges of the Shikai stage.
  5. Embrace Elements: Each Bankai is tied to an element (like wind, fire, gravity, etc.), granting specific abilities.
  6. Passive & Active Skills: Understand the passive (always-on) and active (usable) skills unique to your chosen Bankai.
  7. Practice: Refine your Bankai abilities through practice and experimentation in various combat scenarios.
  8. Keep Exploring: Bankai isn’t the end – continue leveling up, exploring the game, and seeking new challenges.
  9. Combo Mastery: Create powerful combos by using your Bankai skills in sync with your character’s strengths.
  10. Evolve and Conquer: Embrace the Bankai transformation, evolving into a more formidable warrior and leaving your mark on the game.

Bankai List in Peroxide:

  • Wind: Elevate your aerial mobility with the passive “Double Jump” and launch a multi-hit offensive with the active “Heavenly Wind.”
  • Explosion: Triggers passive detonation upon flashsteps, and buffs your prowess with the active “Blast Overdrive.”
  • Gravity: Altering the very laws of motion, the passive imbues you with low gravity and unleashes debris-infused contact damage. The active, “Doomsday,” unleashes a cataclysmic barrage of hurled rocks.
  • Fire: Ignite a spectacle as flaming skeletons materialize around you passively, while the active “Ocean Of Fire” summons a fierce tornado of flames.
  • Clone: Leverage the clone Shikai foundation with the passive generation of additional clones. The active, “Perfect Clone,” dupes opponents into a confrontation with their mirror image.
  • Glacier: Apply a decelerating “Slow” effect upon your hits passively, and trigger an arctic onslaught with the active “Four World Freeze.”
  • Lightning: Flashstep-induced lightning bolts form your passive arsenal, while the active “One Thousand Birds” seizes opponents with a highly damaging grab.

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