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Looking to amp up your game in Peroxide, the Roblox sensation inspired by Bleach? We’ve got your back with our latest Peroxide Clan tier list! Check out the rankings of all the current clans, helping you make informed decisions on building the ultimate team.

We keep this list regularly updated after every game patch, ensuring you get the latest insights. Whether you’re a seasoned player or just starting, this list provides authentic and straightforward information.

Peroxide Clan Tier List:

  • S-Tier (Top Picks): Aizen, Kurosaki, Yamamoto, Zaraki
  • A-Tier (Great Choices): Abarai, Chad, Kuchiki, Shihouin
  • B-Tier (Good Starters): Akashi, Hayanami, Inoue, Kaneki, Ken, Kuroku, Kurosami, Lee, Mikazuki, Rengoku, Saru, Shen, Uzumaki
  • C-Tier (More Info Coming Soon!)
  • D-Tier (Stay Tuned for Updates!)

What Do the Tiers Mean?

  • S Tier: The top-notch Clans, the cream of the crop with the strongest abilities. Aim to snag an S-tier Clan early for a power boost.
  • A Tier: Fantastic bloodlines, solid alternatives if you don’t have an S-tier.
  • B Tier: Not the strongest but decent for early-game filler.
  • C Tier: Best to steer clear of these clans, especially if you want efficient content clearing.
  • D Tier: Skip these – not worth upgrading or using at all.

Ready for explosive combat and quests? Dive into Peroxide, an expansive Roblox game based on the hit series Bleach. Unlock Shikai, Bankai, and special moves to dominate opponents in this action-packed journey!

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