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Summoners War Chronicles Tier List – December 2023, Are you on the hunt for the ultimate monsters to summon and unleash in your Summoners War: Chronicles adventure? You’re in luck! Our tier list is here to guide you through the game’s extensive roster of monsters, evaluating them based on various key factors.

Whether you’re a seasoned player or a newcomer looking for the perfect start, this tier list has got you covered. We’re committed to providing a comprehensive ranking that caters to both beginners and gacha genre novices, ensuring you’re well-prepared to conquer the Summoners War: Chronicles world. Let’s dive in!

Summoners War Chronicles Tier List – December 2023

Tier S

  • Beast Rider (all)
  • Beast Monk (all)
  • Mermaid (all)
  • Paladin (all)
  • Valkyrja (Fire, Dark)
  • Vampire (Fire, Wind, Light, Dark)
  • Sylph (Fire, Light)
  • Archangel (Dark)
  • Phoenix (all)
  • Occult Girl (all)
  • Undine (all)
  • Panda Warrior (Fire)
  • Ifrit (all)
  • Jack-o’-lantern (all)
  • Chimera (all)
  • Sky Dancer (all)
  • Pirate Captain (all)
  • Pioneer (all)
  • Hyeonu Kim (Fire)
  • Vampire Hunter (all)
  • Saitama (all)
  • Silverfang (all)
  • Garou (all)
  • Terrible Tornado (all)
  • Harpy (Water, Dark)
  • Epikion Priest (all)
  • Lich (all)
  • Polar Queen (all)
  • Magic Knight (all)
  • Valkyrja (Water, Wind, Light)
  • Vampire (Water)
  • Desert Queen (all)
  • Monkey King (all)
  • Sylph (Water, Wind, Dark)
  • Archangel (Light, Wind, Water, Fire)
  • Panda Warrior (Water, Wind, Light, Dark)
  • Joker (all)
  • Raven (all)
  • Kobold Bomber (all)
  • Martial Cat (all)

Tier A

  • Mystic Witch (Wind, Light, Dark)
  • High Elemental (all)
  • Hell Lady (all)
  • Griffon (all)
  • Oracle (all)
  • Soleta
  • Nine-Tailed Fox (all)
  • Amazon (Dark, Light, Wind, Water)
  • Inferno (all)
  • Cow Girl (Fire, Dark)
  • Imp Champion (all)
  • Harpu (all)
  • Harg (all)
  • Harp Magician (Light)
  • Harp Magician (Wind)
  • Beetle Knight (all)
  • Narin Ha (Water)
  • Mi Ryeong (Wind)
  • AV (Light)
  • Atomic Samurai (all)
  • Genos (all)
  • King (all)

Tier B

  • Fairy (Fire, Light, Dark)
  • Vivachel (all)
  • Frankenstein (Water, Light, Dark)
  • Imp (all)
  • Pixie (Water, Fire, Dark)
  • Hellhound (all)
  • Garuda (all)
  • Warbear (all)
  • Penguin Knight (all)
  • Vagabond (all)
  • Mystic Witch (Fire, Water)
  • Inugami (all)
  • Battle Mammoth (all)
  • Amazon (Fire)
  • Werewolf (all)
  • Cow Girl (Water, Wind, Light)
  • Howl (all)
  • Hellish Blizzard (all)
  • Mumen Rider (all)

Tier C

  • Fairy (Water, Wind)
  • Living Armor (all)
  • Golem (all)
  • Grim Reaper (all)
  • Serpent (all)
  • Frankenstein (Fire, Wind)
  • Salamander (all)
  • Harpy (Fire, Wind, Light)
  • Charger Shark (all)
  • Mummy (all)
  • Pixie (Wind, Light)
  • Elemental (all)
  • Yeti (all)
  • Gore (all)
  • Lizardman (all)

In closing, this comprehensive tier list for Summoners War: Chronicles characters serves as an invaluable resource to help you navigate the intricate world of the game. Whether you’re aiming for the cream of the crop in Tier S, building a solid roster from Tier A, or exploring unique options in Tier B and C, this guide empowers you to make informed decisions for your gameplay.

Remember that character strength can evolve with updates and balance changes, so keep an eye out for updates to this tier list and adapt your strategy accordingly. May your summons be ever in your favor as you embark on your Summoners War: Chronicles adventure!

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