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We’ve got some cool news for you in the Pokemon Unite universe – three new Pokemon have been leaked! It’s like a sneak peek into what’s coming up, and we’re here to spill the beans in the simplest way possible.

Get ready to meet Miraidon, Falinks, and Ceruledge. These new Pokemon are making their way to Pokemon Unite, and it’s causing quite a buzz among trainers. We’re breaking down the basics so you can catch ’em all when they drop.

3 New Pokemon Leaks Coming to Unite!


This Legendary Pokemon from Pokemon Violet is set to be an Attacker in Pokemon Unite. We’re expecting it to join the game on Pokemon Day, which is February 27th. Miraidon can do some cool stuff like creating Electric terrain, firing ranged attacks, and even drifting into enemies for that extra punch. Fingers crossed it’s a free release via an event – we love freebies!


Say hello to the newest All-Rounder, Falinks. These six little guys may be small, but they’re mighty! Coming in as an all-rounder in April, Falinks has some cool moves like “No Retreat” for heavy damage and “Beat Up” to send out group members for a short attack spree. And the scoring animation? They stand on top of each other – adorable, right?


We don’t have all the deets yet, but Ceruledge is coming as an All-Rounder too. We’re just excited to check another Pokemon off our Most Wanted list!

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Other New Updates:

1. Shiny Pokemon

Guess what? Shiny Pokemon are making their way into Pokemon Unite! You can snag them with an in-game item, but here’s the twist – it gives your Pokemon extra stats. Not a huge boost, but it’s got the community talking. Keep an eye out for the shiny Rayquaza at Theia Sky Ruins to celebrate along with the Pokemon Anime.

2. New Battle Pass Pokemon:

Another Battle Pass is on the horizon, and this time, Meowscarada takes the spotlight. We don’t have pics yet, but it’s expected to be similar to Delphox’s Battle Pass style. Get ready for some new challenges and rewards!

3. New Dragon-Only Game Mode:

Hold on to your hats – a new game mode called “Full Fury” is coming, but with a twist. Only Dragon-type Pokemon can join the party. Plus, Regidrago is making its debut as a Wild Pokemon. Will it stick around after the event? We’re not sure yet, but it’s going to be a blast!

So, there you have it, trainers! Three new Pokemon, shiny surprises, a fresh Battle Pass, and a dragon-filled game mode. Pokemon Unite is keeping things spicy, and we can’t wait to dive in. Stay tuned for more updates, and let’s keep the Pokemon adventure rolling!



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