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LifeAfter, the popular open-world survival mobile game, has just launched its Year of the Dragon Spring Festival expansion, “Hope Radio and the Golden Dragon.” The new content, available since February 2nd, introduces a portable radio that plays a crucial role in uncovering mysterious messages and secrets.

In this expansion, players experience “radio fever” in Hope 101 as they listen to weather forecasts, news reports, and music on the portable radio. However, things take an intriguing turn with the sudden appearance of a mysterious figure and a series of events, suggesting hidden secrets behind the radio’s messages.

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The gameplay evolves with a new Roguelite mode, where players must defend the Golden Dragon Treasure from Infected swarming the area. Choosing and upgrading weapons between waves becomes essential to completing the mission successfully.

For those in the mood for celebration, the “Dragon Party” mode introduces fun levels and festivities. Join friends in exploring treasures, all while enjoying the festival with new challenges and aiming for higher scores.

LifeAfter continues to impress with its commitment to innovation. The “Hope Radio and the Golden Dragon” expansion not only brings a fresh storyline but also introduces creative gameplay modes, ensuring a diverse gaming experience for players. Alongside the new content, players can also expect various benefits, stylish outfits, beautiful furniture, and cool vehicles, with more exciting events promised in the future.

Don’t miss out on the upgraded world of LifeAfter. Download now to dive into the latest expansion and enjoy an enhanced doomsday survival experience.

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