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Fitbit  is an activity tracker company that makes tools for recording exercise activity. Jawbone, Nike, Fitbit and the more heat the activity tracker market in line with the entry of companies such as iHealth, Garmin, Withings and Adidas. Likewise Samsung and Sony, which recently has just launched smartwatch devices, one of which function is to track exercise activity.

This new business seems promising, Google even go jump into it. Google recently introduced a new smart band. However, unlike traditional solutions that record physical activity, Google bracelet is specifically focused on the health segment in which these devices could have a significant impact.

Experimental Device created by the famous research division, Google X 

The device is experimental and has been created by the famous research division, Google X. According to its makers, it can measure your pulse, heart rate, body temperature or environmental factors such as noise or sunlight exposure.

Andy Conrad, head of the team that has brought to light this development at Google. He said that will not be marketed as a product for the end user. He also explained in an interview with Bloomberg that “our purpose is to make use of a medical device prescribing to patients or used in clinical trials. “

In Google, they believe that these devices tools like Google bracelet could be used for healthy people. The device can immediate information on any changes that could point to various diseases. That would be critical for a more effective prevention, and also that patients would just have to do anything except to recharge these Bracelets- to take advantage of the benefits of these bracelets.

Wearables can go much further

Google’s proposal makes clear that there are many other possibilities for the wearables and bracelets segment. Health is definitely one of those scenarios in which these devices can be key for better health management, and both insurance companies and medical centers are already inside.

The field of health in which Google seems to have focused its efforts and has been explored by other companies such as Samsung (with S Health) or Apple (with Healthboo). There are many important proposals that demonstrate measure is no longer a game, and that much of the industry relies on this field to take advantage of these devices.

Google will collaborate with academic researchers and drugmakers to test the wristband’s accuracy and seek regulatory clearance to use it in the U.S. and Europe, said Conrad.

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