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Kidizoom Smartwatch Plus Review

Kidizoom Smartwatch Plus Review

The children also need to get a stylish smartwatch too. That is why the Kidizoom Smartwatch comes in. This kids smartwatch comes with special features for the kids. What do you think if the children have a smartwatch on their wrist? Okay, now we are talking about the Kidizoom smartwatch plus review. As the name suggests, it is a special product that made for kids. However, if the Kidizoom smartwatch not educates them (the children) or keep them fit like the other kid’s toys. The Kidizoom smartwatch will be a fun gadget. It packed with special features that will be entertain young children.

The Design of Kidizoom Smartwatch

The Kidizoom smartwatch has a clean, smart and fun style. Then the price of Kidizoom smartwatch is normal according to its specifications. The goals market of the Kidizoom smartwatch is for the children that aged 5 to 12, but sometimes you’ill see a few adult hipsters wearing this for fun. It was really cool. A special smartwatch like Kidizoom comes for children needs. Your children will feel comfort wearing the Kidizoom smartwatch. You may don’t need to worry about the safety. The Kidizoom smartwatch has a safe buckle that keep it stay on your children wrist.

The Features of Kidizoom Smartwatch

The watch faces: The Kidizoom smartwatch has analogue and digital watch faces on its 1.41-ichi screen. Thus you do not need to care about the faces of Kidizoom. This smartwatch has enough many available analogue and digital faces.

The Camera: The Kidizoom also has a 0.3-megapixel camera that able to get 680 x 480 photo and 320 x 240 video resolution. This feature will not win any prizes for a photo or video quality, but this for a fun snaps to capture a moment. The Kidizoom also gives you a control to add the various effect of mostly pretty naff and overly colorful photo frames to the photos that you have taken. You can do the same with the videos, which are more fun than the photos. However, you need to transfers the best one videos to the computer because the 128MB built-in memory must be to fill fast.

The Voice Recorder: The Kidizoom smartwatch has a record and edits voices that may be the best feature because it allows you to hear it back through a selection of funny voice effects.

The Games: There are three built-in games on the Kidizoom smartwatch. First, Super Detective as a simple memory game, Rotating Puzzle still even simpler, and the last is the Finger Dance.

The Battery: There is no information about the Kidizoom battery capacity, but the Kidizoom smartwatch has Lithium Rechargeable battery. Thus you can recharge the battery via Micro USB cable, You will need a wall plug adapter or a computer with USB port. The USB cable also can be used to download photos and videos to your PC ar laptop with Mac or Windows operating system. Okay, That’s all about the Kidizoom Smartwatch Plus Review. Thanks for coming.

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