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Kidizoom Smartwatch Commercial
We have already talked about the Kidizoom smartwatch plus review, then now we will talk about Kidizoom Smartwatch Commercial. We provide 4 attractive video about Kidizoom smartwatch commercial.

After seeing the video above, let us discuss the differences between Kidizoom Smartwatch DX and Kidizoom Smartwatch Plus. Thus, what the difference between the Kidizoom smartwatch plus and the Kidizoom smartwatch DX?

The VTech Kidizoom smartwatch DX is an even smarter watch than the others. The Kidizoom smartwatch DX is perfect for a young photographer and has more memory (larger internal capacity). This is ready for every fun activities for each child, this is like an original watch that provide multi-functional technology for the children.

The Kidizoom smartwatch DX available in some colors:
1. Royal Blue
2. Vivid violet
3. Pink
4. Camouflage
5. Red Flame with Bonus Royal Blue Wristband
6. Floral Swirl with Bonus Vivid Violet Wristband

What’s NEW?

That is all the standard available colors for the Kidizoom smartwatch DX. Which one do you like? Which the best one color for your child? The Kidizoom smartwatch DX also comes with the new clock faces. What is it mean? That is mean your children will be freer to adjust the personalization of the Kidizoom smartwatch DX on their wrist. The Kidizoom smartwatch DX also comes with the cool new 3D clock faces. Imagine that you saw a 3D faces clock on your child wrist. 

The Kidizoom smartwatch DX comes with the new tools

A calendar feature has been added on the Kidizoom smartwatch DX. Then your child can learn the days and months of the year. A calculator feature was added to help your child work out simple addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division problem.

The Kidizoom smartwatch DX comes with 8 new games

There are 8 new games comes with the Kidizoom smartwatch DX. There is two main themes of the game, The Learning games and the Action Games. Here for the table of 8 new games of Kidizoom smartwatch DX.

The Learning games:                                         The Action games:
1. Jumping Egg                                                    1. Sound Shaker
2. Tic-Tac-Toe                                                     2. Crazy Dance
3. Super Snowboard                                           3. Racing Run
4. Finger Dance                                                   4. Funky Jump

That is all the 8 new games on the Kidizoom smartwatch DX, then you may need to remember the original feature of Kidizoom smartwatch DX. The Kidizoom smartwatch DX is a durable watch. It has a convenient touch screen. It is splash proof, includes a rechargeable battery. This watch has an ability to download more games from the Learning Lodge. Well, that is all about the Kidizoom Smartwatch Commercial. Hopefully, this can help you.

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