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Kidizoom Smartwatch Games : Fun and Educational Function

We have already talked about the Kidizoom Smartwatch plus review, now we will talk about the Kidizoom Smartwatch Games. As we know that the Kidizoom smartwatch is not ordinary smartwatch. This is a special watch that smart enough to be friendly with the children. The Kidizoom smartwatch not only has a time and alarm features, but this smartwatch has a camera, voice recorder, and the games feature too. The Kidizoom smartwatch comes with 4 Learning Games and 4 actions games.

We have already knew that games have each aim. Everyone has their own reason to play a game. And we know the children loved to play a game, then the games feature on the Kidizoom smartwatch is useful and make the children fun. The game is not only for fun, but there is an educational function. Like the Learning games on the Kidizoom smartwatch, actually they’re not only for fun. The games can teach the children to develop their ability to respond and find a problem solution. It is mean the learning games on the Kidizoom smartwatch will make the children fun and smart, every day to take like a training when they played the learning game. It is a good news for you that want to get the advantages from the Kidizoom smartwatch. This smartwatch not only for the style and fun, but this smartwatch has an educational function too. Thus, the learning games on the Kidizoom smartwatch can be a brain training.

Here the learning games on the Kidizoom smartwatch:

the kidizoom learning games

1. Jumping Egg
2. Tic-Tac-Toe
3. Super Snowboard
4. Finger Dance.

Have you ever to try the game on a smartwatch? If you’re never trying to play games on a smartwatch, maybe you need to try. The Kidizoom smartwatch not only comes with learning games but also has an action games. The Action games were equipped on the Kidizoom smartwatch for completing the function of learning games. If the goals of learning games are to train the brain side, then the Action games will be the trainer to develop children emotional experience.

Here the Action games on the Kidizoom smartwatch:

the kidizoom action games

1. Sound shaker
2. Crazy Dance
3. Racing Run
4. Funky Jump

Well, that is all about the Kidizoom smartwatch games. Are interested in trying the games on the Kidizoom smartwatch? Oh, no I think you should give your children this chance. 😀

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