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Aside from Wan – Wan, Silvanna and Pharsa revamp that will be out soon on Mobile Legends original server. Moonton had decided to release another new hero which is the next support hero on Mobile Legends. The name of the hero is Carmila and had the ability of Initiating the fight and crowd controlling the enemies heroes in the game.

Carmila has the appearance of a vampire. She has a really pale skin, a blood red dress and of course a really beautiful face that match her appearance. However, in regards to her abilities, she doesn’t suck blood unlike alice, but sucks the enemies physical defense and magical defense while fighting.

Every time she deal damage by using either of his basic attack, or skill, she will get 1 stack of physical defense and magical defense stolen from the enemies heroes.

Most of her abilities increase her movement speed, enabling her to chase and even run from the enemies while dealing damage. Her first skill enables her to release 2 orbs around her, damaging them and slowing the enemies around her.

Her second abilities enables her to stun the enemies the longer her skill hold, and her ultimate enables her to link 3 of her enemies, when damaged the linked enemies will all be damaged, and stunned enemies will also be stunned. So the enemies will definitely be able to deal massive damage if you can deal an AOE damage to the linked enemies.

Skill detail :

  • Vampire Pact “Passive” : Carmilla Steal 3-6 physical and magical defense from the enemies while dealing damage to them. Each Target can be stolen only once in 5s, the stolen physical and magic defense can be stacked up to 5 times and last for 3s.

  • Crimson Flower “First Skill” : Carmilla Increase her Movement speed by 25% and summons 2 crimson flowers spinning around her 5s. Enemy hit by the crimson flower will receive 75(+40% total magic power) magic damage and be slowed by 30% for 0.8s. Meanwhile, the spinning speed of the crimson flower will be increased!

  • Bloodbath “Second Skill” : Carmilla Accumulates bloodbath energy, increasing her movement speed by 45% for 3.5s. If use again, carmilla cast bloodbath energy to a designated enemy, dealing 175 (+96% total magic power) – 300 (+160%Total Magic power) Magic damage and stunning the enemy for 0.9-1.5s. The damage and the stunning time scale with the bloodbath energy accumulation

  • Curse of Blood “Ultimate” : Carmilla cast Curse of blood in a designated direction. The curse will spread out from the enemy hit to nearby enemy heroes, dealing 300(+120% total magic power) Magic Damage and slowing them by 35% for 5s (capped at 4 targets). The enemies reached by the curse share debuff damage and control effect, which decreased by 50%

So what do you think about the release in general? Will she be included in the next META?

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