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Finally, Moonton decides to revamp their old heroes. Heroes like Zilong, Miya, and Eudora will get their own revamp. The leak regarding their skills has been out now. There are news of upcoming revamp that is going to be released soon. One of which is regarding the next revamp of Gatot Kaca, and that you can see on the video below.


Gatot Kaca’s revamps will likely change his first skills and passive. There is a slight change in his first skills. Players can see that it might not be a slow effect skill anymore. It might be a damaged one instead. There are also some other things that can be seen in this revamp, where his basic attack will have a shiny attack. It might be because of the passive reworks but who knows.

Currently, it is the only leak on Gatot Kaca revamp. Hopefully, there will be other news soon!

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