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Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier celebrates its 6 month anniversary this May 2022. The anniversary will also coincide with the launch of a new event collaboration with ‘Man With a Mission, which will include the release of the band’s new song “The Soldiers from the Starts.” Players who log in to the game and play Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier, by May 20, 2022 will be eligible for special medals as part of Final Fantasy VII’s half-year celebration of the game.

Gold themes skins and weapon events for Final Fantasy VII The First Soldier!

Final Fantasy VII Gold Weapon Events

An exclusive in-game challenge, along with Gold Weapon Skins, can be completed by players in order to obtain the Gold Chocobo skin. In addition, players can earn Anniversary Medals by interacting with Anniversary Moogles and gold-colored supply drops throughout the game. These medals can be deposited into Moogle Banks, which can be used to complete various missions that offer enticing rewards.

In addition, players will be able to obtain a Special Shinra Pack, which will grant them a gold weapon. Even better, by simply logging in, players will be eligible to receive a total of 37 Special Shinra Packs Tickets.

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If you are interested, you can download and play Final Fantasy VII: The First Soldier right now from the iOS App Store, the Google Play Store for Android users, or a PC emulator if you prefer.

The IAP is also available for use in Free to Play games right now and players can visit the official website and Facebook page for more information on new releases.

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