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One of the problems that often occurs in Mobile Legends, especially for those who have a Jungler role with other players, is stealing creeps from their friends’ lanes. Although considered insignificant by other players, this is quite annoying, especially in high-level games, where managing lanes to get the maximum EXP and Gold on each lane owned by all players.

But in the latest advance server update, this will no longer happen, because Moonton changes the system for those who use Retribution as the main spell.

Mobile Legends Advance Server Update Eliminates Annoying Junglers!

Retribution Changes Mobile Legends upDate!

In the latest update, Moonton added a new system for all players who use the Retribution spell. The reason is, those who use the spell will automatically be considered “Jungler” and players who are considered Junglers cannot get EXP from the existing lane.

With the addition of this new system for Junglers, players can no longer steal EXP and Gold from Mage, Marksman, Support, or even Offlaner who wants to level up. The first creep will give all EXP and Gold to those who don’t use retribution, and after that, for the first 5 minutes Jungler will only get 50% of the total EXP available.


This indirectly forces Jungler players to roam, kill jungle creeps or kill other heroes to increase their gold and EXP amount.

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