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HoYoverse finally showcased who Yelan was and what her character traits and skills were like. Today they provide a more detailed picture of what the newest character from Genshin Impact looks like. In the latest trailer, Yelan is referred to as a character with information-gathering abilities which finally allows her to get something more from other Genshin Impact characters:

Whenever Yelan embarks on an adventure in Genshin Impact, she will be able to bring back a greater quantity of materials thanks to this skill. In the event that the expedition is only given a total of 2,000 mora in the game, for instance, Yelan will be able to increase this total by an additional 1,000 mora.

Genshin Impact Yelan’s Skills is Unique!

Yelan’s bow and arrow mechanics are very different from other archer characters in Genshin Impact. her normal attack is a quick 4 combo attack, while her charge attack will be divided into two types in the game. The first type is normal like other archer characters in Genshin Impact where she will accumulate elements in the arrowhead according to each element and her element is Hydro.

Yelan’s second charge attack takes quite a while with a passive effect called Breakthrough that she has. If she doesn’t fight for a few minutes, her next charge attack will fill up much faster. This skill will also give Yelan the ability to do area attacks, where when her first charge attack after a while she is not in fast-charging battle mode, she will fire a Breakthrough Barb that can damage Hydro elemental areas according to her max HP.

Yelan’s elemental skill, Lingering Lifeline, is simply divided into two types: tap and hold. The tap type will make her run forward and give a lifeline string to the enemy and then explode. While the second type is restrained, where she will be able to run fast while spreading lifeline strings to several enemies she passes, and explode instantly when she stops.

Yelan’s ultimate, Depth-Clarion Dice will allow Yelan to use Hydro elemental area attacks. Immediately following the conclusion of the attack, a dice will materialize and launch a counterattack everytime Yelan herself or any other character launches a basic attack.

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Well, what do you think about her? Will you run her banner or skip it overall? If you are interested in the update, Genshin Impact can now be played on PC, PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Android, and iOS.

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