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Khufra, is still a Mobile Legends hero who is used quite often because of the CC effect he has. This hero is used quite often, and this time we have good news for those who use the Khufra hero but don’t have the skin of the tanker hero yet. This is because, in the new Mobile Legends update, it is known that players can get Khufra’s skin for free from Moonton, here’s the information!

Mobile Legends Free Skins

In the latest Mobile Legends update, it is known that the Khufra – Desert Owl Skin can be obtained for free for those who spin Tickets in the Lucky Draw. By spending tickets in the Lucky Draw event, players will get the opportunity to own one of the skins owned by the Hero Tanker. Although it doesn’t change Khufra’s skill effect, Desert Owl changes Khufra’s appearance to be more elegant than usual.

Players who have received this skin can also play to get Rare Fragments which can be exchanged for other, better skins. If interested, players can play Khufra – Desert Owl right now in the Mobile Legends game!

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