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After more than a year since the release of the Android and iOS game Manasis Refrain, the beloved creator Level Infinite has finally announced the global release of the JRPG mobile game! This JRPG with a semi-open environment, comparable to the Tales series, will finally be released in English. Manasis Refrain will get its English version!

In the Manasis Refrain video game, players will control a number of gorgeous anime characters at the renowned Theodoric Academy, a magic school where they will reside in a world where the Demon King has been defeated.

The game describes the event that occurred after the war involving the spirits named Manasis and the Demon King, which had destroyed multiple continents and came close to destroying the earth. Until the heroes with magical powers and their allies ultimately kill and seal the demon king.

In the game, players can create teams of 3 characters, 1 of which you can control and 2 others that are controlled by AI. With combat Action RPGs similar to console RPG games, players can use the skills of each character and create combos to inflict damage on enemies. Interestingly, Manasis Refranin also provides a variety of other relaxing features such as fishing, collecting materials for forging and alchemy and many more.

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Manasis Refrain English Version

It is not yet known when Manasis Refrain English will be released on Android and iOS, and there has been no announcement of a release date from Level Infinite developers, this may be due to their focus on the Tower of Fantasy game which will be released soon. For more information, players can visit the official website.

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