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The day before Tower of Fantasy’s release, there was already drama brewing behind. Many players blamed Tower of Fantasy for plagiarising the game Genshin Impact. People who believe that the two games are identical or comparable are the ones who write reviews even though they have not had the opportunity to play the game yet.

Tower of Fantasy

This review also included players that reportedly can’t play the game that despite having downloaded Tower of Fantasy, Despite the fact that the game could only be played on August 11. Fortunately, there are still many other gamers who gave positive reviews and explained to the “little ones” who were upset because they couldn’t play the game that the new server went live on August 11th to those who were upset that they couldn’t play. Until this article was written, Tower of Fantasy received a 4.1 star review on the Google Play Store.

Tower of Fantasy

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Tower of Fantasy itself is an open-world MMORPG RPG mobile game that tells the story of a large tower in a fantasy/sci-fi world, named Omnium Tower. With similar gameplay with different features from Genshin Impact, this game presents interesting gameplay that can only be played on August 11th on Android, iOS, and PC!

Update: The game got reviewed to 2.8 star

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