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Occasionally, when playing the Tower of Fantasy game, especially when facing existing adversaries, you will receive a purple dome effect that slows your opponent inside it. The Purple dome is actually called Phantasia and by entering it, Tower of Fantasy players will fill their discharge bar and be able to use the ultimate ability of their one-equipped weapon.

In addition, the purple dome’s influence is so potent that it can assist you to win and aid the world boss. However, did you know that it is quite simple to activate? This article describes how to activate and trigger Phantasia, in Tower of Fantasy!

How to Trigger Phantasia – Tower of Fantasy

Tower of Fantasy Phantasia

In order to activate Phantasia, players only need to time the enemy’s movement and press the dodge button when the attacker attacks. If executed properly, the game will issue a massive purple dome effect that fills the gauge bar of your Discharge and slows the movement of all foes.

All your teams can utilize this effect by heading immediately into the dome. By activating one dome, three to four members of your team can activate the discharge ability of each weapon they possess. The influence of Phantasia will undoubtedly make it easier for your team to defeat World bosses such as Robark and others.

About Tower of Fantasy:

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play open-world action role-playing game created by Perfect World subsidiary Hotta Studio. The game takes place in the far future on the planet of Aida, which has been tainted with a mysterious but potent radioactive energy known as Omnium following a catastrophe that nearly wiped out human civilization and changed the planet’s biosphere.

The game is released on android, iOS, and PC!

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