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Gold Nucleus is an important part of Tower of Fantasy’s gacha system, and players can exchange it for several in-game characters by using it. However, did you know that there are some easy ways to get Gold Nucleus either for free or not? Here is some information related to how to get Gold Nucleus on Tower of Fantasy Guide, one of the important items to get a character in the game! Check out the article below!

Guide Tower of Fantasy – How to Get Gold Nucleus!

There are numerous ways to obtain Gold Nucleus in the game Tower of Fantasy, and we’ll list 7 of them here.

Daily Missions:

Guide Tower of Fantasy Gold Nucleus

  • One daily mission per day will give you 1 Gold Nucleus every day, and the missions given are not that difficult, generally.

Supply Pods II:

  • One of the loot or chests scattered in Aida, there are about 44 Supply Pods II available all over Aida, and will give 1 Gold Nucleus every time it is opened aside from other items.


Guide Tower of Fantasy Gold Nucleus

  • Becoming one of the ways to produce free Gold Nucleus by doing world exploration, destroying lava pits, feeding ChowChow and so on. Exploration gives Black and a small percentage of Gold Nucleus.

Reward Stories:

  • Although not much, the rewards from Tower of Fantasy also provide Gold Nucleus for free for its players, especially in the Early game where players can try gacha for free.

Clotho Supply Pods:

  • If you get a Clotho Supply Pod, you will get a discount to buy Gold Nucleus cheaper using Dark Crystal. Discount range from 20% to free!

Buy it:

Guide Tower of Fantasy Gold Nucleus

  • Players can buy Gold Nucleus directly without a discount immediately by using Dark Crystals at the Tower of Fantasy shop for 150 Dark Crystals.


  • Achievement can give players gold nucleus and dark crystal, by killing bosses, exploring the world, and completing in-game challenges, you can get it for free!

These are the 7 simple and quick ways to obtain Gold Nucleus, which can be used for gacha in Tower of Fantasy. Simulacra is unquestionably an important part of the game to make your character more powerful, and Gold Nucleus is one of the gacha currencies on the game. This article should help you obtain the Gold Nucleus; please continue reading to learn more about Tower of Fantasy on our site!

About Tower of Fantasy:

Tower of Fantasy is a free-to-play open-world action role-playing game created by Perfect World subsidiary Hotta Studio. The game takes place in the far future on the planet of Aida, which has been tainted with a mysterious but potent radioactive energy known as Omnium following a catastrophe that nearly wiped out human civilization and changed the planet’s biosphere.

The game is released on androidiOS, and PC!

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